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Monitor and control your organisation's compliance and operational risks with the convenience of the world's first A.I. risk
auditing and inspection solution.

Compliance Risk Management Software

Reliable Risk Monitoring and Control


Compliance Master heralds a new generation in A.I. risk auditing and inspection technology, enabling enterprises of all types and sizes to quantitatively assess and control their compliance and operational risks within specified limits, or risk appetite.

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Optimised Audit and Inspection


Compared to other audit and inspection solutions, Compliance Master's unique A.I. technology significantly reduces the amount of time and effort needed to collect, analyse and report compliance and operational risk levels enterprise-wide - by up to 80%.


features & benefits

Compliance Master [STANDARD] is suitable for most single-purpose auditing and inspection applications, whereas Compliance Master [ENTERPRISE] is suitable for monitoring, controlling and reporting an enterprises' entire range of process, project and third-party risks.



Be assured knowing your auditing and inspection processes conform with ISO's new "risk-based thinking" process and third-party monitoring, control and continuous improvement requirements.

Objective performance

Our powerful "performance dashboard" enables enterprises to quickly benchmark their process and third-party risks and to focus their limited improvement resources where they will generate maximum value.

Integrated auditing and

Realise significant productivity and data quality improvements by managing all your auditing and inspection requirements from the convenience of one highly rigorous enterprise software solution. 


Dynamic checklist

Significantly increase audit and inspection efficiency with a browser-based checklist that automatically adjusts data collection requirements in real-time.

Configurable protocols

Configurable action protocols and alerts ensure your enterprise's response to audit and inspection outcomes is always consistent and proportionate to assessed risk-levels .

Scientific reporting

Quickly identify and prioritise the causes of unacceptable risk control performance with a series of scientifically derived reports, charts and performance indicators.

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Features & Benefits

We provide full and specific solution for every client

Compliance Master helps our clients reduce the costs of assessing and controlling their noncompliance risks



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