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It’s Time For A Compliance Paradigm Shift

Discover how recent advancements in Computer Aided Auditing Technology (CAAT) are transforming the way organisations manage their compliance risks. For too long compliance has been treated as the poor kid on the block.  Especially at budget time when it’s more fashionable cousins finance, quality, security and safety often end up with the lion’s share of […]

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Advanced data-analytics set to transform the audit

Since the GFC there has been a major push by governments, industry bodies and enterprises to improve audit quality and reduce costs.  Tougher government regulations, increased oversight, and bigger penalties have only added to these pressures. It should therefore come as no surprise to find in recent years there has been a significant increase in the level […]

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Transform your audit and inspection processes into a powerful integrated risk assurance system

In this short article, I outline how organisations can transform their audit and inspection processes into a powerful integrated risk assurance system using proven ISO methods.  It’s easier than you think. _______________________________________________________ Many inspection and auditing systems have understandably evolved separately, and therefore are incapable of providing board-members and senior-management an accurate overview of an organisation […]

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