Objective Performance Dashboard

Insightful Risk Dashboards

Compliance Master®’s easy-to-undestand risk dashboards enable board-members, senior-management and employees to reliably assess and benchmark the compliance and operational risk performance of individual systems, processes, groups and suppliers against an organisation's defined risk limits; or risk appetite.

Quantitative Risk Assessment

Compliance Master® uses proven statistical auditing and inspection methods to accurately assess whether process, group and third-party non-compliance levels have exceeded user-specified risk limits , or risk appetite, by analysing a much smaller, randomly selected sample before deciding what, if any, actions are needed to mitigate or strengthen risk controls.

Quantitative Compliance Assessment
Risk Performance Evaluation 

Integrated Risk Assurance

Compliance Master® provides a common framework for monitoring, assessing and reporting compliance and operational risks organisation-wide, while eliminating the time-consuming effort often spent trying to integrate and make sense of data collected from different auditing and inspection solutions that don't talk to one another.