Compliance Software Features

Compliance Master compliance management software has a range of in-bult features that make it suitable for a wide range of auditing and inspection applications.

Modular software design

The software consists of eight (8) modules which integrate to form a rigorous compliance assessment and control system.

Compliance Software features & design

Compliance Software versions

Our compliance management software is available in two versions: Compliance Master [STANDARD] which is suitable for most single-purpose auditing and inspection applications and Compliance Master [ENTERPRISE] which is suitable for multiple compliance auditing and inspection applications.

Automatic Compliance audit optimisation

Be assure knowing the software will always strike the optimum balance between your organisation's auditing and inspection requirements (sample size and frequency) and risk appetite.

Objective performance scorecard

Objectively compare risk control performance across different processes, groups, third-parties, etc. with a simple-to-understand “traffic-light” dashboard.

Remote auditing and inspection

Realise significant productivity improvements by managing your auditing and inspection requirements from the convenience of any internet-enabled device.

Dynamic checklist

Increase audit and inspection efficiency with a browser-based checklist that automatically adjusts auditing and inspection requirements in real-time. A tablet app with auto-sync is also available for off-line audit and inspection applications.

Configurable protocols

Improve your organisation’s response to audit and inspection outcomes with configurable action protocols and alerts.

Scientific reporting

Quickly identify and prioritise the causes of unacceptable risk control performance with a series of scientifically derived reports, charts and performance indicators.

Closed-loop action management

View, manage and record details of post-audit control and improvement activities with the software’s closed-loop action management module.

Audit scheduling

Optimise the allocation of auditor and inspector resources and keep track of progress in real-time with the compliance software’s calendar-based scheduling and tracking module.

Full audit trail

Enjoy the convenience of accessing all your audit and inspection results 24 x 7 - right down auditor comments and photographic evidence. Our compliance softare features photo capture on a tablet device to make evidence based reporting a breeze.

Enterprise level data security

Have peace-of-mind knowing your compliance audit and inspection data is backed-up daily and is subject to Australian laws governing confidentiality, security and privacy.


Compliance Master® is fully supported and backed by our team of experienced risk managers and IT experts. Consultancy, training and auditing services are also available.