Online Compliance Audit Software

Compliance Master®’s on-line audit management system allows organisations to efficiently assess, record and report the compliance performance of third-party suppliers and vendors.  Our leading software enables you to manage all your compliance auditing and management needs in a simplified, intuitive way.

An Insightful Audit Management System

With Compliance Master® you can view audit status and progress in real-time and quickly glean valuable insights into supplier and vendor compliance performance. 
When it comes to effectively managing your organisation's compliance risks Compliance Master® ensures all relevant parties are provided the data they need to support reliable decision-making. 
By managing the audit schedules, companies and auditors, it ensures that the most suitable auditors are selected.
The real-time reporting on mobile devices ensure that everyone with the right access can view the compliance audit assessment results. This significantly reduces the time and the effort needed to fully audit and report on an organisation’s performance.  

Compliance Audit Software Features

We want to make your life easy by providing an intuitive solution that can communicate results to relevant stakeholders and assessors. Other compliance audit software falls short, and we guarantee that you will be surprised how simple auditing becomes! We provide the following features in our software:

  • A user-friendly, intuitive tool
  • On-the-go evaluations can be done with our app that can be downloaded on mobile devices
  • Easy and efficient compliance audit reporting – a fair bit of the compliance auditor’s report can be completed while they are on-site
  • By collecting and managing data in real time, provide users updated reports
  • Aggregation of various audit types in the reports (such as occupational health and safety, HACCP, environment, etc.)
  • Schedules, individual compliance auditors and audit companies can be managed from the software
  • End-to-end tracking of the compliance audits can be accomplished – this covers the stages such as audit scheduling, conducting the audit itself, generating reports, and tracking any instances of non-compliance
  • With our dashboard reporting, drill into the audit histories and get instant insights
  • Log in from anywhere on your device to view audit statuses

Audit management system
Our compliance audit software will simplify all your auditing.
Simplify your auditing needs with our Auditing software.

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