Optimised Payroll Compliance Auditing Software

  • Reliably assess and control wage compliance risks

  • Reduce auditing and reporting costs by up to 80%

  • Benchmark and monitor compliance improvements

In 2018-19, the Australian FairWork Ombudsman clawed back $40.2 million in underpayments from companies and individuals that underpaid or defrauded their workers. It also successfully brought court-ordered penalties against 36 companies and individuals totalling $4.4 million.

In Australia, employers found guilty of incorrectly paying or defrauding their employees face legal penalties of $630,000 for a company and $126,000 for an individual per serious contravention.   Thye must also pay back their employees what they are owned; including interest.

Given the serious consequences of wage non-compliance in Australia, it makes good sense for companies to regularly verify their employees are receiving the correct rate-of-pay and that proper payments and contributions are being made.

But conducting a detailed examination of employee pay records on a regular basis can be an extremely time consuming and expensive process.  This is where Compliance Master®'s smart, A.I. auditing technology can help.

Unlike other auditing solutions, Compliance Master® uses world-best statistical sampling methods and advanced A.I. machine-learning to reliably assess and control wage compliance risks within acceptable limits, while substantially reducing auditing costs by up to 80% at the same time. 
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Our Payroll Auditing Software’s features and benefits



  • Compliance Master® uses world-best statistical sampling methods and advanced A.I. machine-learning to calculate the optimum sample-size for each payroll audit. 
  • Risk-based auditing is facilitated by separating wage non-compliances into different levels of importance  i.e. Critical, High, Medium, Low.
  • Our tailored on-line checklist enables auditors to directly attach supporting compliance evidence to each wage assessment i.e. comments, wage records, screen-shots, photographs, etc. 
  • Audit data is automatically analysed to determine whether identified wage non-compliance levels have exceeded specified risk limits.
  • System-generated protocols outline what actions are needed to mitigate wage non-compliance risks and improve compliance performance.
  • Compliance performance is continuously evaluated and displayed in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

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  • By calculating the optimum sample-size for each audit and automatically analysing and reporting  audit outcomes in a format that is actionable Compliance Master® reduces the high costs often associated with regular payroll auditing - by up to 80%*.
  • More efficient and effective payroll audits will help identify and correct wage compliance gaps in its payroll systems and processes before they can result in costly regulatory penalties and reputation damage.
  • While our ea your company's limited improvement resources by ensuring they're always focused on your areas of highest wage compliance risk.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time spent analysing payroll audit data and preparing reports for board-members, senior-managers and regulators.
  • Improve internal and external stakeholder confidence in your company's wage compliance performance.

* Based on historic audit data


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  • Compliance Master® provides board-members, senior-managers and internal-auditors the timely and reliable information needed to effectively carry out their wage compliance oversight and continuous improvement responsibilities.
  • Our full-online audit trail including date-stamped assessor comments, improvement recommendations and attached compliance evidence provides board-members, senior-managers and payroll personnel the information needed to quickly understand the causes of unacceptable wage compliance and most importantly, what improvements are needed to correct them.
  • Use Compliance Master® to record and report compliance improvement progress to internal and external stakeholders; including regulators. 

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Health-Services Compliance Software Pricing

*Up to 50% discount for 10 or more users

  Free Trial Enterprise
$0 /user/month
$21 /user/month
  Maximum Users

The FREE trial version of Compliance Master is limited to 2 users. Plenty to get you started exploring the software's features and benefits. Need more users? Compliance Master® ENTERPRISE has no user limitations. You can upgrade at any time by simply clicking on the UPGRADE button displayed in the software, or contact us via email or telephone.

Maximum Users 2 Unlimited
  Maximum Facilities+

The FREE version of Compliance Master® compliance management software is limited to one organisation or facility. Plenty to get you started exploring the software's features and benefits. Need to assess more than one organisation or faciliity? Simply upgrade to Compliance Master® ENTERPRISE and you can add and assess as many as you like at no extra charge.

Maximum Facilities 2 Unlimited
  Preconfigured Checklist +

With Compliance Master® there is no time-consuming setup or configuration requirements. Both the FREE and ENTERPRISE versions include a preconfigured on-line checklist that lets you assess and record your organisation’s compliance against the 2nd Edition, NSQHS Standards' 353 mandatory quality and safety actions. The checklist is yours to keep and use as many time as you like to assess and reassess your organisation and associated facilities.

Preconfigured Checklist
  Real-Time Progress Monitoring +

Compliance Master® enables you to monitor and quickly share your organisation's compliance assessment progress and outcomes with internal and external stakeholders at short notice.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring
  Multi-Compliance Focus +

With Compliance Master® ENTERPRISE for health-services you can regularly assess, report and demonstrate your organisation's compliance with and performance against the 2nd Edition, NSQHS Standards.

Multi-Compliance Focus
  Attach Compliance Evidence +

With Compliance Master® you can directly attach, reference and upload evidence supporting each compliance assessment from a consumer, worker and organisation perspective. Never be caught out trying to demonstrate your organisation's compliance to management and external accreditation assessors at short notice again.

Attach Compliance Evidence
  Insightful Data Analytics +

Compliance Master® ENTERPRISE automatically assesses and displays your organisation’s compliance performance (and associated facitlities) in a series of insightful dashboards. Quickly identify and mitigate compliance gaps in your organisation's systems and processes before they adversely impact on your organisation’s safety performance, quality-of-care, accreditation and bottom-line.

Insightful Data Analytics
  Full Assessment Trail +

Use Compliance Master to quickly track Open, In-Progress and Closed home compliance assessments, review assessor comments and implement improvement recommendations.

Full Assessment Trail
  User Administration +

Manage user access and roles i) Administrators – full access to software's compliance assessment and user-management features ii) Staff –limited access to software’s compliance assessment features.

User Administration
  Reassessment Alerts +

Schedule reoccurring aged-care home compliance reassessments and receive automatic email alerts.

Reassessment Alerts
  Email Reports +

Download, print and directly email assessment reports to internal and external stakeholders.

Email Reports
  Automatic Checklist Updates +

As part of your subscription we’ll keep you informed of regulatory changes and update your on-line checklist accordingly.

Automatic Checklist Updates
  Enterprise Data Security +

Have peace-of-mind knowing your data is backed-up daily and is subject to strict government laws governing confidentiality, security and privacy.

Enterprise Data Security
  User Support +

Compliance Master® is fully supported by our team of experienced compliance experts and friendly customer-service staff.

User Support On-Line On-Line and Telephone

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