We used Compliance Master to help control the quality level of more than 1.1 million smart-meters we installed throughout our electricity networks during 2010 and 2104.

The software was used to calculate the optimum sample size needed to accurately assess whether submitted job-lots of smart-meters have achieved our specified compliance targets, or not. If the software determined a particular job-lot failed to meet our targets, it was rejected. Only accepted job-lots were passed into service.

Should a job-lot be rejected it was ten up to the responsible contractor to inspect every smart-meter and to ensure it complies with our technical standards. Only when all known non-noncompliant smart-meter installations were corrected was the contractor allowed to resubmit the job-lot for re-inspection. To encourage contractors to improve their performance, and to fix non-compliant job-lots as soon as possible, we only paid them for accepted job-lots.

The Compliance Master system not only allowed us to tie contractor payments to agreed, enforceable quality targets, it has also allowed us to strike the optimum balance between our quality auditing costs and our non-compliance risks.

We estimate this new “smart” approach to compliance auditing and control saved our company somewhere in the order of $3.0 million in lower rework, safety and customer service costs over the project period. Furthermore, its estimated Compliance Master’s capacity to automatically calculate the optimum sample size needed for each job-lot inspection saved us close to $850,000 in direct auditing costs.  

Frank Salvatore
11 Apr 2017

We use the software to independently sample inspect every shipment before it leaves a supplier’s factory. If the software assesses that a shipment doesn’t meet our minimum quality standards, it is immediately rejected and doesn’t leave the factory.

Under the terms of our supply contract, the manufacturer is then required to inspect and correct every non-compliant item in the shipment before it is once again sample inspected. This process is repeated until the shipment is given the tick of approval by the software.

By using Compliance Master we are not only able to control the quality level of items delivered into Australia, we are also able to more effectively place the responsibility for correcting non-compliances where it belongs, with our suppliers. And, because the software uses internationally recognised scientific quality control methods, there are never any arguments now about whether a shipment should have been accepted or rejected.

I estimate my company has saved thousands of dollars in rework, customer complaint and lost sales since we started using Compliance Master. I would sincerely recommend it to any company that is seriously looking at importing and exporting products and materials into and from overseas markets.  

Tony Gallo
04 Apr 2017