Why Compliance Master ?

Compliance Master® heralds a new generation in A.I. risk auditing and inspection technology.

Our technology is specifically designed to address the three biggest weaknesses found in current auditing and inspection solutions i) the ability to  accurately assess compliance and operational risk levels quickly and efficiently ii) easy-to-understand reports that effectively identify unacceptable risk levels on a timely basis, ideally with alerts before they are a problem, and iii) reducing the very high demand for auditing and inspection resources, which are becoming increasingly hard to find and expensive to pay for.

Without a suitable integrated software solution, auditing and inspection tends to operate in siloes; which often leads to unnecessarily high auditing and inspection costs, unreliable data and reporting, suboptimal decision-making and worse still, no decision-making at all.

Compliance Master® addresses the most common weaknesses found in most audit and inspection solutions


Reliable Risk data

At the centre of our smart A.I. auditing and inspection technology sits an advanced statistical engine that reliably assesses and benchmarks compliance and operational risks organisation-wide, enabling boards, management and employees to quickly identify and mitigate their areas of highest risk exposure.

Risk Control

System-generated action protocols ensure an organisation's response to audit and inspection outcomes is always consistent and proportionate to the assessed risk, while advanced data-analytics help stakeholders better understand the cause of unacceptable risk levels, and how they can be mitigated going forward.

Risk Assurance

Compliance Master®’s smart, A.I. technology transforms an enterprise's existing audit and inspection processes into a powerful integrated risk assurance system; without the need for major organisation change, and in many cases at no additional cost.  

Highly Defensible

Compliance Master® provides a highly defensible and reliable foundation for monitoring and reporting an organisation's legal and regulatory obligations to internal and external stakeholders i.e. regulators, investors, customers, public, etc. and for important internal decision-making and continuous improvement.


Unlike other software solutions, Compliance Master® can be used to plan and carry out system, process and third-party compliance audits, and product/service quality, safety, and security control inspections.

World Best Practice

Compliance Master® is designed to guide organisation's towards contextualising their audit and inspection requirements in accordance with world-best risk management practice i.e. AS/NZS ISO 3100-2009.   Risk-based-thinking becomes imbedded in the audit and inspection planning process from the outset.


Significant cost and time savings are generated through the calculation of an optimum sample-sizes for each audit and inspection.  This calculation is risk-based, meaning processes, groups and third-parties with a high risk-rating are automatically audited / inspected more intensely than those a low risk-rating.  

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