Why Compliance Master ?

Compliance Master is the world's 1st integrated auditing and inspection system to use advanced A.I. technology to reliably assess, benchmark and control enterprise non-compliance and operational risks within specified limits, or risk appetite; while significantly reducing costs at the same time – by up to 80%.

Integrated risk assurance provides board-members, senior-managers, process-owners, regulators a holistic picture of an enterprise’s risk control performance; thereby enabling them to properly discharge their oversight and risk management responsibilities.

Despite the ever-increasing number of threats, hazards and regulations facing enterprises world-wide risk assurance remains an aspirational objective for most. Without a suitable integrated software solution, risk monitoring, assessment and control tends to operate in siloes; which often leads to unnecessarily high costs, unreliable data and reports, suboptimal decision making and worse still, ill-informed risk-taking.

Compliance Master addresses the most common weaknesses found in conventional audit and inspection solutions


Reliable data

At the centre of Compliance Master sits an advanced statistical auditing and inspection engine that reliably assesses, benchmarks and displays process and third-party risks in an easy-to-understand dashboard, enabling stakeholders to quickly identify and address areas of highest risk exposure.

Risk Control and Continuous Improvement

System-generated action protocols ensure an enterprises’ response to audit and inspection outcomes is always consistent and proportionate to the assessed risk, while in-built data-analytics and reports help stakeholders better understand the nature and extent of identified risk control failures, and how they can be prevented in the future.

Integrated Risk Assurance

Compliance Master’s dynamic, risk-based approach to process and third-party auditing and inspection transforms an enterprise's audit and inspection processes into a powerful integrated risk assurance system; without the need for major changes or disruption to existing processes.


Compliance Master provides a highly defensible and reliable foundation for important risk management decision making, and for monitoring and reporting an enterprises’ legal and regulatory obligations to internal and external stakeholders i.e. investors, customers, regulators, public, etc.


Compliance Master is the world's first truly universal risk auditing and inspection system, enabling enterprises across all industry sectors to quantitatively assess and control their system, process and product/service risks.

World Best Practice

Compliance Master is designed to guide enterprises towards contextualising their process and third-party audit and inspection requirements in accordance with work best risk management practice i.e. ISO 9001:2015.   Risk-based-thinking becomes imbedded in the audit and inspection planning process from the outset.


Enterprise risk monitoring and control activities are optimised through the statistical calculation of audit and inspection sample-sizes.  This calculation is risk-based, meaning processes, projects and third-parties with an unacceptable risk-control track-record are automatically audited / inspected more intensely than those with an acceptable risk-control track-record.  This dynamic "risk-based thinking" approach leads to substantial time and cost savings compared to conventional audit and inspection solutions.

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