Release of New Compliance Assessment and Control Software – Compliance Master®

Two years have past since we embarked on the exciting and ambitious task of developing a software application that would revolutionize the  compliance assessment and control industry.

Back then, in our role as quality and risk management consultants, we realised that many of the organisations we were dealing with had neither the statistical expertise nor financial resources needed to design and operate a world-best-practice “acceptance sampling” compliance assessment and control system.

Consequently, many of these organisations were using expensive 100% inspection or unreliable non-scientific sampling methods to identify noncompliant products and services not realising there was a tried-and-tested scientific alternative that could significantly reduce their inspection costs and improve their quality control capabilities.

Unfortunately, even though the “acceptance sampling” methodology was internationally recognised as best practice, it’s utilisation was mostly restricted to large companies operating in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and food sectors, where the costs of designing and operating a suitably tailored solution was far outweighed by the consequences of noncompliance.

What became clear to us was a need, especially among small to medium sized organisations, for an affordable software application that used “acceptance sampling” to assess and control not only product compliance levels, but also materials, services, data, assets or any other item that was a derivative of a process.  Furthermore, the software had to be easy-to-use yet include all the features needed to quickly establish a fully integrated compliance inspection, assessment and control capability.

With no comparable applications on the market the decision was obvious, we would build one! Therefore, it is with much pride and pleasure that I announce the release of Compliance Master®; the world’s first compliance and quality control software application to use internationally recognised “acceptance sampling by attributes” methods to determine the optimum number of inspections needed to accurately assess whether lots of continuously produced items have exceeded a specified noncompliance limit; or not.

While the scientific methods on which our software operates may not be new, what we have managed to do for the first time is combine these methods with a range of practical auditing, production and inspector management tools to create a fully integrated compliance assessment and control solution that can be quickly implemented by any organisation; regardless of their type, size or statistical expertise.

We are confident a lot of organizations are going to benefit from our software.  Whether you are a manager responsible for controlling the quality of goods and services your organisation delivers to its customer or purchases from external vendors, or perhaps an auditor responsible for assessing whether an organisation, process or individual is complying with specified procedures, standards or regulations, you can’t afford not be using  Compliance Master®.

Visit our web-site to sign-up for a 30 day FREE non-obligation trial of our software.

For the Compliance Master team this is only the beginning of our development journey.  We are already looking forward to ways of improving our software and introducing a range of “industry specific” compliance products that will be released over forthcoming months.   Most of all we are looking forward to hearing from you – our customers, on how we can improve and make our software and services better. Please don’t hesitate to email us with your suggestions or better still join our blog and share your experiences.

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