Rigorous Scientific Contractor Compliance Auditing System Delivers Improved Safety Outcomes for CitiPower/Powercor

Recent health and safety concerns surrounding the discovery of dangerous asbestos in Telstra pits and pipes being used by the NBN (Australia) for its rollout has highlighted the need for more rigorous compliance contractor auditing and inspection.  http://news.theage.com.au/breaking-news-national/onus-on-telstra-for-asbestos-work-govt-20130603-2nm4a.html

As part of its agreement with the NBN, Telstra is required to repair and make safe the telecommunications pits around the country; including the removal of asbestos.  While Telstra has strict guidelines and work-practices concerning asbestos removal, it has outsourced this job to sub-contractors.  This is where the problem seems to have originated.

In addition to insufficient training and supervision of contracted field personnel, this incident also highlights Telstra’s failure to adequately monitor and identify non-compliant work practices before they had a chance to impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

So, how could this situation been avoided?

To answer this question we don’t have to look too far to see what Australia’s largest electricity utility CitiPower/Powercor has been doing to control similar health and safety risks associated with its 1.2 smart-meter rollout program.  This work is also largely being carried out by external contractors.

Apart from ensuring its contractors are adequately trained at identifying and remediating   hazardous equipment and materials like asbestos, CitiPower/Powercor is using Compliance Master’s scientific compliance auditing and control solution to continually assess whether its contractors are undertaking these activities in accordance with documented work practices and technical standards.

Based on international scientific sampling methods the Compliance Master auditing and control solution is able to tell CitiPower/Powercor whether large batches of smart-meter installations have achieved a specified compliance target or not; including asbestos remediation.

This highly rigorous approach to continuous compliance assessment has not only enabled CitiPower/Powercor to control the safety level of smart-meter installations being accepted into service, it has also encouraged their contractors to improve their compliance performance by withholding payments for rejected batches until they are reworked and successfully resubmitted for inspection.

Click on the following link to learn more about how Compliance Master has helped CitiPower/Powercor control its contractor smart-meter compliance risks and save millions of dollars in the process.  http://www.compliance-master.com//media/picture/CP_PAL_AMI_Risk Cntrl_0914.pdf





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