Santa’s quality control secret exposed!

Santas productionHave you ever wondered how Santa Claus ensures children get what they wished for on Christmas Day?

Given that each year Santa has to deliver over 526 million presents to children worldwide, it’s quite an amazing feat.

Yes, I know he gets it wrong occasionally. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the disappointment of receiving something other than what we wished for as children, but you’ve got to admit, he gets it right most of the time. So what is his secret?

Having recently returned from an arduous journey to the North Pole, I’m able to reveal for the first time the secret behind Santa’s amazing quality control performance.

As we all know, Santa’s Elves are prone to making the odd mistake when it comes to matching presents with each child on Santa’s list. Therefore, before Santa takes off Christmas Eve he needs assurance the percentage of incorrectly matched presents in his sleigh has not exceeded a maximum limit – once he’s in the air there’s no turning back.

Of course, Santa would love to check everything twice, but in the real world he just doesn’t have the time or budget. (Don’t believe everything you’ve read in Christmas jingles). Instead, he uses world best-practice acceptance sampling software to check each batch of presents coming off his production lines in the lead up to Christmas.

What his software tells him is how many presents he needs to randomly select from each batch, and how many defects he can allow in the sample before his maximum non-compliance limit is exceeded.

If he discovers more than the allowed number of non-compliant presents in a sample, the batch is rejected and returned to the Elves for rework and reinspection.

Acceptance sampling is the practical, affordable alternative to costly 100 per cent inspection and it offers an efficient method to assess the compliance level of continuously produced batches of product and materials and to decide whether to accept or reject them.

Of course, acceptance sampling on its own doesn’t magically improve quality levels. Instead, as in Santa’s case, it provides organisations the means to control the quality level of batches of product being shipped to customers or accepted from external vendors.

It also enables organisations to continuously improve their quality performance by providing feedback to employees and vendors while reducing their audit and inspection costs at the same time.

If you’d like to learn more about acceptance sampling and how your organisation can set up a system like Santa’s please visit us at

The Compliance Master team hopes everything arrives correctly this holiday season!

No Elves were disciplined in the making of this post!

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