Optimised Audit and Inspection



Objective Performance Dashboard

Enterprise Audit and Inspection Software

Compliance Master® provides enterprises a single software solution for managing all their auditing and inspection requirements, including; regulatory compliance audits, accreditation and certification audits, quality control inspections, safety audits, security audits, environmental audits, asset condition audits, project audits, etc.

Continuous Audit and Inspection Optimisation

Compliance Master®'s smart A.I. technology calculates the optimum audit and inspection rigor (sample-size and frequency) for each entity based on its capacity to consistently achieve or better an enterprise’s specified risk limits over time. This dynamic, risk-based approach to auditing and inspection is significantly more efficient and effective than fixed auditing and inspection methods.  

Quantitative Compliance Assessment
Risk Performance Evaluation 

Risk-Based Compliance Management

Following each audit and inspection Compliance Master®’s smart A.I. technology analyses the collected data and determines what level of action is needed to mitigate compliance risks and improve process performance. This risk-based approach to compliance management ensures an enterprise’s limited resources are always focused where they will generate maximum value.


1 AS 1199.1-2003 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes, Part 1: Sampling schemed indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection.
These procedures are reproduced with permission from SAI Global under license 1004-c068. To purchase this standard online follow link: http://www.saiglobal.com.