Compliance Master releases Integrated Health and Aged-Care Software

  • NEW Integrated Health and Aged-Care Software
  • Compliance Master® has released a new version of its popular compliance and continuous improvement software especially for Australian health service providers that also supply aged-care services. 

    Subscribers will receive two preconfigured checklist templates covering all the mandatory compliance requirements outlined in the 2nd Edition, National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) and the Aged-Care Quality Standards; respectively. 

    “In today’s highly regulated business environment it has never been more important for organisations to integrate their compliance management activities”, said Compliance Master®'s Founder, Peter Mills. 

    “That is why we have put together this special offer for Australian health and aged-providers”, said Peter. 

    The software enables providers to standardise how they assess, record and report evidence of their compliance against each of the above standards to internal and external stakeholders. 

    The software also helps providers standardise how they record, track and report what they are doing, or planning to do, to address identified non-compliances and improve their overall compliance performance.

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    12 Feb 2020