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Compliance Master® is a technology and professional services company located in Melbourne, Australia.  We specialise in smart, auditing and inspection software.  Our team of experienced quality and risk management experts, IT and web-savvy programmers, designers, marketers and sales personnel pride ourselves on always meeting our customer needs.

      Reliably assess and ​control your compliance and operational-risks  
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Peter Mills

Founder and Managing Director
Compliance Master International Pty Ltd

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Compliance Master® is committed to providing our customers the very latest in risk auditing and inspection technology that will;

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our History

The concept for Compliance Master® came from a realisation that most enterprises are still using a disparate array of methods and software soluitons to assess, monitor and control their compliance and operational risks.  And in many cases this was leading to unnecessarily high auditing and inspection costs, unreliable risk reporting, and worse still - ill-informed risk-taking.  

To solve this challenge Peter and his team set about creating a new universal auditing and inspection solution that would enable enterprises to reliably assess and benchmark their compliance and operational risks enterprise-wide.  To ensure success the software would also haveto be simple-to-use, comply with world-best practice, and easily implemented without disrpution to existing auditing and inspection processes.  

In November 2011, as part of a major, four-year infrastructure rollout project, an early beta version of Compliance Master® went on to save one of Victoria's largest electricity companies [CitiPower and Powercor] over AU$6 million in auditing, compliance and maintenance costs. The solution later went on to form the basis of joint case-study presentation at the world's preeminent quality conference [ASQ] in Indianapolis, USA, in 2013.  A fisrt for an Australian company.

Compliance Master® is now available for all organisations to share the risk management and cost-saving benefits of its smart, risk-based approach to compliance auditing and inspection.  Contact us now on +61 3 9018 5577 to organise your free demonstration and trial.  



Unlike other auditing and inspection software solutions, Compliance Master® uses advanced statistical methods21 in combination with the very latest in cloud-based technology to significantly reduces the amount of time and effort needed to accurately collect, assess and report compliance and operational risk levels enterprise-wide; by up to 80%. 
At Compliance Master® we pride ourselves on the way we work with our clients, building strong, long-lasting relationships based on respect, a desire for continuous improvement, shared knowledge, and ongoing support.   Our team of compliance and risk managment experts have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to always operate at the very highest standard, with a range of support services aimed at maximising our client's success.

21 AS 1199.1-2003 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes, Part 1: Sampling schemed indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection. These procedures are reproduced with permission from SAI Global under license 1004-c068. To purchase this standard online follow link http://www.saiglobal.com .