Compliance Software Features

Compliance Master® incorporates a range of unique features, including advanced A.I. machine-learning, that will significantly improve how your organisation manages its compliance and operational risks.  

Compliance Master® uses world-best-practice auditing and inspection methods combined with advanced A.I. machine-learning to accurately assess an enterprise’s compliance and operational-risk.  At the same time, the amount of time an effort needed to analyse and report outcomes to internal and external parties is significantly reduced.   At Compliance Master® we firmly believe the biggest compliance and operational risk management improvements can be achieved by doing things smarter, not harder.
Integrated risk assurance
Compliance Master®’s smart A.I. technology provides boards and senior management unmatched insight into their compliance and operational risks.  Effectively transforming an enterprise’s auditing and inspection processes into a highly reliable yet efficient Integrated Risk Assurance (IRA) system, with minimal changes to existing processes. 
Continuous improvement
Compliance Master® promotes continuous improvement among process-manager, employees and third-parties by enabling them to accurately assess and benchmark their performance against common enterprise specified targets.  Continuous improvement can be further encouraged by linking incentives and penalties with performance outcomes i.e. employee bonus schemes, external service agreements, product supply contracts, etc.
Risk-based compliance control
Some non-compliances often represent a higher risk than others, and therefore require a more urgent response.  This is why Compliance Master® uses configurable action protocols that ensure an enterprise’s response to audit and inspection outcomes is always proportionate to the assessed risk.  This risk-based approach to compliance management is significantly more effective and efficient than “one-size-fits-all” solutions.  It also ensures an enterprise’s limited mitigation and improvement resources are always directed where they will generate maximum value; i.e. risk reduction.  
Work from anywhere
Being cloud-based software, Compliance Master® can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer, laptop, or tablet.   Our remote tablet-app with auto-sync also facilitates offline auditing and inspection in remote locations, or anywhere there may be intermittent internet connectivity. 
Centralised audit / inspection oversight
Compliance Master®’s enables enterprises to monitor and manage audits and inspections through each stage of their cycle i.e. planning, scheduling, data collection, analysis, approval, and close-out.  
Auditor / inspector management
Compliance Master® enables enterprises to manage their auditor and inspector qualifications, authorisations, audit and inspection scheduling commitments, and software access. 
Full online audit / inspection trail
Enjoy the convenience of a 24 x 7 full on-line audit and inspection trail including; auditor and inspector comments, attached compliance evidence, supporting notes, and improvement recommendations.   Compliance Master® makes remote compliance evidence capture a breeze with our tablet app.
Keep everything safe and secure
Have peace-of-mind knowing your enterprise’s data is backed-up daily and is subject to strict Australian laws governing confidentiality, security and privacy, including; single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols, support for two-factor authentication, encryption of data in transit and at rest.
Fully supported software
Compliance Master® is fully supported and backed by our team of experienced compliance and operational risk experts and friendly support staff.   Consultancy, training and support services are also available. 


A compliance management solution your employees will actually use.