Compliance Master®  Compliance Management software

An easy-to-use on-line sooftware solution for regularly assessing and reporting organisation compliance with government regulations, industry standards and specified customer requirements. The software also operates as a continuous improvement tool by tracking details of actions needed to correct identified non-compliances and improve overall compliance performance. Benefits also include less time and effort spent collecting and analysing compliance data and reporting outcomes to internal and external stakeholders. Which is how it should be; right?. If your enterprise is seeking a more efficient and effective compliance management solution this is the software for you.

Ideal for enterprises that:

  • Are required to comply with specified government regulations, industry standards, an customer requirements,
  • Are accredited or certified to customer and/or industry standards i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27000, etc.,
  • Regularly accredit or certify other enterprises and individuals i.e. suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, individuals, etc.

and individuals responsible for;

  • Regularly assessing and reporting their organisation’s compliance performance to boards, committees, senior-management and employees,
  • Demonstrating their enterprise's compliance performance to external accreditation and certification auditors,
  • Regularly assessing and reporting the compliance performance of external organisations, groups, processes and individuals.

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Compliance management solutions
Our compliance management software helps our clients reduce the time and effort spent assessing, reporting and improving their compliance performance.

Compliance Master®  A.I. Risk Auditing & Inspection Software

An integrated auditing and inspection solution that combines advanced A.I. machine-learning with the very latest in cloud-based computing to accurately assess and control compliance and operational risks within specified limits, or risk appetite.  The software's dynamic risk-based approach to auditing and inspection is significantly more effective at controlling compliance and operational risks than conventional software solutions.  Other benefits include a significant reduction in the amount of time and effort needed to collect, analyse and report audit and inspection outcomes; by up to 80%. 

Ideal for enterprises seeking to;

  • Accurately control their compliance and operational risks within specified limits, or risk appetite.
  • Strengthen ineffective risk controls before they can adversely impact on their goals and objectives,
  • Reliably benchmark the control performance of their processes, projects, groups and third-parties,
  • Optimise their risk governance and oversight capabilities,
  • Reduce their current compliance and risk management costs.

and individuals responsible for;

  • Assessing and reporting their organisation's compliance and operational risk exposure to internal and external stakeholders,
  • Auditing and assessing the compliance of other enterprises and/or individuals against specified regulations and standards,
  • Inspecting and approving products, assets and materials for their intended use,
  • Assessing whether activities and services are being undertaken in accordance with specified requirements.

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Compliance management solutions

Our Supporting Compliance Management Services

Our software has been designed to enable organisations to implement and use it themselves.  But if help is needed, and it often is, we can offer the following professional support services.



We employee an experienced team of compliance, risk and business experts that can help your organisation implement and integrate our software into existing business systems and processes with minimum disruption and cost.  

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We offer a range of full and part-time, group and one-on-one coaching services for board-members, managers and employees to help develop their risk-based auditing and  inspection planning skills and decision-making capabilities over time.  

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We offer a range of standard and tailored on-site and remote e-training options designed to help your employee set-up and achieve maximum value from our software.  We also provide training in statistical and risk-based auditing and inspection methods.

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Looking for additional resources to help plan and manage auditing and inspection activities?  We have access to wide-range of professional managers, auditors and inspectors; all at competitive rates and certified in the operation of our software.

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