Optimised Aged-Care Compliance Management Software

  • FREE preconfigured aged-care checklist

  • Add and tailor your own checklists

  • Upload and add links to compliance evidence

  • Monitor assessment progress in real-time

  • Insightful compliance analytics and reporting

  • Integrated improvement reporting 

  • Full audit trail with name and date stamping

From the 1st July 2019, aged-care providers must include a compliance self-assessment report carried out against the government's Aged-Care Quality Standards when applying for re-accreditation.

Providers must also have a written continuous compliance improvement plan that explains how they intend to improve their quality of care and services; which the Commission can request at any time.
Unfortunately, producing and sharing these critical business documents across multiple locations can be highly time-consuming and problematic; especially if using spreadsheet-based solutions.  

The main reason organisations are turning away from spreadsheets to manage their compliance is they can be notoriously difficult to organise and maintain.  Furthermore, they can be easily altered and manipulated without anyone knowing. 
Compliance Master® enables aged-care providers to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with spreadsheet-based compliance solutions by managing all their compliance requirements from the convenience of one centralised cloud-based solution.  
Furthermore, Compliance Master® enables aged-care providers to assess and report their compliance with the Aged-Care Quality Standards from a consumer, employee and organisation perspective; which unlike other solutions conforms with the Commission’s assessment guidelines. 
Optimise your organisation's compliance management capabilities with Compliance Master®.  Sign-up for your FREE no-obligation demonstration and 30-day trial by clicking on the link below.


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Our Aged-Care Compliance Software’s features and benefits



  • Quickly asses and record the compliance status of individual homes and facilities at consumer, worker and organisational levels with our FREE pre-configured online checklist.
  • Add comments and improvement notes against each compliance assessment and most importantly upload and attach links to supporting evidence. e.g. documents, reports, records, photographs, survey results, etc.
  • Use the easy-to-understand dashboard to quickly benchmark the compliance status of each home and facility against the eight Quality Standards.
  • Directly download, email and share compliance assessment and improvement reports with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Create your own checklist templates for other internal and external standards, regulations, process and customer requirements. 

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  • Integrate all your organisation's compliance management activities with the one easy-to-use software solution.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to regularly assess and demonstrate your organisation's compliance to internal and external stakeholders; including accreditation assessors.
  • Avoid reputation damage and costs by identifying and correcting gaps in your systems and processes before they can adversely impact on your quality-of-care, accreditation, and bottom-line.
  • Optimise your limited improvement resources by ensuring they're always focused on your areas of highest compliance risk.
  • Never be caught out again should the Commission ask for your most recent compliance self-assessment report or continuous improvement plan.

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  • Compliance Master®'s easy-to-understand performance dashboard provides senior-management and board-members the timely information they need to effectively carry out their compliance and continuous improvement responsibilities.
  • A full online assessment trail including date-stamped assessor comments, improvement recommendations, and attached compliance evidence enables employees, senior-managers and board-members to quickly understand the causes of unacceptable compliance and most importantly, what improvements are needed to correct them.
  • Use Compliance Master® to record and report compliance improvement progress to internal and external stakeholders; including regulators. 

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Compliance Master Software Pricing

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  Maximum Users

There is no limit placed on the maximum number of users that can be added to your account i.e. chargess apply. Discounts of up to 40% apply if you have 10 or more users. Contact us for a quote on +613 9018 5577.

Maximum Users  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Maximum Entities+

Compliance Master®Business is limited to 5 assessible facilities, groups, organisations, etc. i.e. Entities. No entity limits apply to Compliance Master® Enterprise and Enterprise (PLUS).

Maximum Entities  5 Unlimited Unlimited
  Preconfigured Checklists +

Your subscription comes with a FREE Aged-Care Quality Standards checklist template which is yours to keep and use as many times as needed. We also have a library of other industry checklist templates you can choos from. Contact us on +613 9018 5577 for details.

Preconfigured Checklists 
  Automatic Updates +

As part of your subscription we’ll keep you informed of regulatory changes and update your on-line checklist accordingly.

Automatic Updates 
  Create Templates +

Create your own tailored compliance checklist templates with Compliance Master®'s easy-to-use checklist generator. Our experienced compliance assessment experts are here to help if needed.

Create Templates  X
  Cloneable Checklists +

Save time and effort creating a new checklist templates by cloning existing templates then making the necessary changes.

Cloneable Checklists  X
  Cloneable Assessments+

Save time and effort conducting new compliance assessments by cloning existing assessments then making the necessary changes.

Cloneable Assessments  X
  Real-Time Monitoring +

Monitor compliance assessment progress in real-time and share details with internal and external stakeholders.

Real-Time Monitoring 
  Attach Evidence +

Never be caught out again having to produce evidence of your organisation's compliance by directly uploading and attaching links to supporting compliance evidence i.e. documents, photographs, spreadsheets, video and audio files, etc.

Attach Evidence 
  Reassessment Alerts +

Schedule reoccurring aged-care home compliance reassessments and receive automatic email alerts.

Reassessment Alerts 
  Insightful Data Analytics +

Compliance Master® automatically assesses and displays compliance assessment results for each entity in a series of insightful performance dashboards. Quickly identify and mitigate compliance gaps before they adversely impact on your organisation’s safety performance, quality-of-care, accreditation and bottom-line.

Insightful Data Analytics 
  Email Reports +

Download, print and directly email assessment reports to internal and external stakeholders.

Email Reports 
  Full Assessment Trail +

Quickly understand and correct the root-cause of idenfieid non-compliances with the aid of attached assessor comments, improvement recommendations and supporting compliance evidence.

Assessment Trail 
  Continuous Improvement +

Record and monitor what your organisation is doing, or planning to do, to address the cause of identified non-compliances and prevent them recurring.

Continuous Improvement 
  User Administration +

Manage user access and their roles i) Administrators – full access to software's compliance assessment and user-management features ii) Staff – limited access to software’s compliance assessment features.

User Administration 
  Enterprise Security +

Have peace-of-mind knowing your data is backed-up daily and is subject to strict government laws governing confidentiality, security and privacy.

Enterprise Security 
  User Support +

Compliance Master® is fully supported by our team of experienced compliance experts and friendly customer-service staff.

User Support  Standard Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager

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