Why Compliance Master ?


Our advanced A.I. auditing and inspection software accurately assesses, benchmarks and controls compliance and operational risks within specified limits.  It also significantly reduces the time and effort needed to collect and analyse data, and ensures an enterprise's response to each audit and inspection is always consistent and proportionate to the assessed risk.

Today’s business challenges
Despite the ever-increasing number of regulatory and operational risks facing boards and senior managers, integrated risk reporting and assurance remains an aspirational objective for most enterprises.

Integrated risk assurance provides an accurate holistic picture of an enterprise’s compliance and operational risks. Thereby, enabling boards and senior management to more effectively discharge their risk oversight and decision-making responsibilities.

Without a suitable integrated software solution risk assurance tends to operate in siloes; which often leads to unnecessarily high auditing and inspection costs, inconsistent data analysis and reports, suboptimal decision-making and worse still, ill-informed risk-taking.
Compliance Master® benefits
Compliance Master®’s smart, A.I. auditing and inspection technology solves the integrated risk assurance puzzle by;
i. objectively assessing compliance and operational risks enterprise-wide,

ii. ensuring an enterprise's response to audit and inspection outcomes is always proportionate to the assessed risk,

iii. significantly reducing the amount of time and effort needed to analyse and report audit and inspection outcomes, 

iv. ensuring an enterprise’s limited audit and inspection resources are always focused on its areas of highest risk, and 

v. promoting continuous improvement among employees, vendors and third-parties by objectively benchmarking their compliance performance.
Compliance Master® also conforms with world-best quality, risk, and auditing / inspection practice i.e. AS/NZS 9001:2015, AS/NZS ISO 3100-2009, ISO2859.1:1999 / AS1199.1:2003.  And is suitable for all industries and audit / inspection applications, including; system audits, process audits, product and asset quality / condition control inspections.
What Next?
​Contact us now to discover how Compliance Master® can create a highly effective and efficient integrated compliance and operational risk assurance system for your organisation - without the need for major organizational change.  Its simpler than you might think.


A compliance management solution your employees will actually use.